Excavator Hire Sydney

Colombians Machine offers excavator hire to all areas of Sydney, with a range of modern steel earth movers ideal for:

  • Bulk and detailed excavation
  • Civil construction and landscaping
  • Swimming pool excavation
  • Demolition and asbestos removal
  • Rock sawing and jack hammering for rock excavation
  • Piering or piling

Our team of experts are available 24/7 to support you with professional advice, including a free site inspection to make sure the excavator and operator we deliver are right for your job.

Why choose Colombians Machine excavator hire?

Our fleet of modern excavators are suitable for residential and commercial projects and range from 1.5 to 30 tonnes in size. We also have an extensive array of attachments that cater to all your demolition and excavation needs. Before we provide a quote, we take the time to understand your digging depth, reach and Safe Work Lifting (SWL) requirements, to ensure our excavator gives you the best possible results.

As Sydney locals, we can hire excavators at short notice, with minimal travel time and transport fees. We also offer a range of waste removal equipment such as tipper trucks, so you only have to make one call to get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where is Colombians Machine located?

We operate from a head office in Earlwood and service all areas of Sydney, from the Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore to Western Sydney and Greater Sydney areas. Our transport fees and excavator hire rates are highly competitive due to our central location. Contact us to find out if we service your local area or book your free site inspection today.

2. When would I need to hire an excavator?

Whether you are constructing a driveway, building a swimming pool, digging a fishpond or landscaping your garden, Colombians Machine’s professional excavator hire can make earth moving easy. Our friendly team offers support at every stage of your project, from the initial site inspection to cleaning up the site after the excavation is complete.

We provide fencing to secure the site, as well as a portable toilet for operators and site workers. Our team is also available to work on larger commercial projects, such as car parks, roads and building developments.

3. Can you provide a driver with the mini excavator hire?

Depending on the requirements of your project and your budget, we can provide a quote with or without an operator. Our operators are fully licensed, qualified and experienced in all aspects of excavation, so you can get the most out of your Colombians Machine excavator and attachments. If you choose to hire an excavator without an operator, you will need to set up a trading account and show that your driver is licensed to operate the excavator.

4. What attachments are available for Colombians Machine excavators?

We have a wide range of attachments available for excavator hire, including:

  • Augers 200mm to 1m in diameter, with a digging depth of 8m
  • Compactor plates and wheels
  • Demolition and rock grabs
  • Pallet forks
  • Rippers
  • Rock breakers and hammers
  • Rock saws with diamond blades
  • Rock grinders and double header
  • Sieving and batter buckets
  • 450mm and 900mm digging buckets

Colombians Machine attachments will fit any of our excavators, to help you complete your project with a minimum of fuss. If we do not have the right attachment for your project, we are happy to purchase or source it for you

5. What are the safety features of your excavators?

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of workplace health and safety for our clients and operators, with a range of measures in place to reduce the risk of injury and protect everyone on site. All excavators in our fleet are regularly serviced and maintained, with a range of safety features including:

  • Zero swing, which allows you to work beside structures without knocking anything with the counter weights or tail swing
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Battery isolators
  • Reverse cameras
  • Handrails
  • Auto double-locking quick hitches
  • Steel tracks with rubber pads
  • Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS)
  • Falling Object Protection System (FOPS)
  • GPS tracking devices
  • ECO buttons that lower the revs when the excavator is not in action, which saves fuel and reduces emissions
6. What is a float charge and what does it include?

A float charge is the cost of transporting the machine and any attachments to and from the work site. Colombians Machine can transport its own machinery, which means you will not need a third-party contractor to float our excavators, saving you time and money. We offer competitive transport rates and there are no surprises for transporting extra attachments in the same delivery. We can collect the machine as soon as the job is complete, so you are not stuck with an excavator blocking access to your property or delaying other work at the construction site.

7. What happens if there is damage to my property?

Although we are extremely careful with your property and aim to leave it clean and tidy when we leave, accidents can happen. That is why we are comprehensively insured and guarantee that we will repair any damage to your home or property caused by our work. We also have stringent workplace health and safety policies in place, as well as a detailed pre-work checklist that is completed before any work begins.

Things to consider before hiring an excavator

1. Local council regulations

You will need a Development Application (DA) from your local council before starting any kind of excavation work, including preparation and demolition. Your DA will outline where skip bins can be placed on your property, as well as noise limits, sanctions on working hours and operating hours for equipment. Failing to comply with these regulations can result in council fines and other serious penalties.

You may also need to consider building regulations, such as how far the swimming pool is from the house or the location of buildings, leach fields and driveways. Consider whether you will need Worker’s Compensation or Public Liability Insurance before starting your project and have all the building and site plans ready to show your Colombians Machine team. If you are not sure what planning and approvals are required for your project, we are happy to provide you with expert advice at any time.

2. Parking and entry to the property

Before starting your project, consider whether there is street parking available for a large excavator and any council-specified weight limits on your street, which may prevent some of our heavier machines from gaining access to your property. We offer a range of mini excavators that are ideal for smaller projects, narrow driveways or streets with weight limits.

You may also need to take into account the traffic in your area, including school zones and peak-hour traffic. This may delay the completion of your project if the hours of operation are limited. Talk to our team if you have any concerns and we will help you schedule your excavation project around these times.

3. The size of the excavation

The size and depth of the excavation will determine which excavator and attachments are best suited to your project. This will not only affect the cost, but also the time it will take to complete the job. We are happy to offer a free site inspection before sending the quote, so we can see the site and get a better understanding of the job before we commence work. For larger projects, a Geotechnical Engineer may be required to assess the area and determine the type of materials that will be excavated from the site.

4. Flexibility and work schedules

Excavation is usually one of the first tasks to be completed on a construction site, so any delays can impact other service providers and affect the overall cost and timeframe of your project. Although we can work in the rain, particularly wet weather or other unforseen delays like rock in the ground need to be taken into consideration. We will provide you with a good indication of how long the job will take to complete and keep you updated on progress at every stage, so you can stay in control and manage your budget.

5. Underground utilities

Before you start digging, it is important to work out where cables, pipes and other utilities are located beneath your property. Hitting an underground service is not only dangerous, but can be expensive and damage essential services to your local area. ‘Dial Before You Dig’ is a free service that informs you about cables, pipes, gas mains and power line locations on your property. To find out more, visit www.1100.com.au or call 1100 during business hours.

6. Transport of excavated materials

Once you have completed the excavation, you will need the right equipment to transport materials to a waste facility. Colombians Machine offers a range of tipper trucks that can be hired with your excavator, so excavated materials can be removed from the site without delay. We try to source local disposal and recycling facilities to reduce travel time and costs. All waste materials including timber, concrete, brick, rock, soil and tree stumps are cleared at the end of the project, so your property is left clean, tidy and safe.

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