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Our modern fleet of earthmoving equipment will help you power through your excavation, with a range of bobcats, skid steers and posi track loaders suitable for home renovations or large-scale building developments. Whether you are levelling ground to lay turf in the backyard or moving debris from a construction site, Colombians Machine bobcat rentals are easy to use and will help you clear the site for the next stage of construction.

Why choose Colombians Machine bobcat hire?

We are a young, innovative team focused on outstanding customer service for our clients, whether they are homeowners, tradies or corporate brands. Our modern fleet of vehicles are sourced from trusted brands including Bobcat and Terex, with premium attachments and safety features that deliver powerful results every time.

Our Sydney location means we can quickly arrive on site to discuss your project and provide next day delivery of your bobcat hire. You will save on transport fees and have access to our team of experienced, qualified operators who understand the terrain in your local area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where is Colombians Machine based?

We are Sydney-based excavation contractors, with residential and commercial clients located in the Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore, Western Sydney and Greater Sydney areas. Our central location and Earlwood head office means we can get to your home or construction site quickly, whether you are looking for a free site inspection and quote, or fast delivery of a bobcat.

2. How do I know which machine is best for the job?

Our team of qualified experts are happy to discuss your project in detail, to make sure you hire the right machine for your project. As a guide, posi track loaders are compact and manoeuvrable with very light ground pressure, which make them ideal for working in tight spaces, wet surfaces or soft ground conditions. Skid steers are a versatile option and work well with a range of attachments, making them a good option for heavy forklifting and soil removal.

Our bobcats are perfect for landscaping, levelling ground, removing rubbish or preparing the site for concrete or paving. Colombians Machine offers a range of bobcats for hire, including a mini bobcat of 1.8 tonnes, medium bobcat of 2.8 tonnes and large bobcat of 4.5 tonnes.

3. What attachments are available with a bobcat hire?

We offer an extensive range of attachments for our bobcats, skid steers and posi track loaders. If for some reason we do not have the attachment you require, we are happy to source it elsewhere or purchase it for your project. Attachments available include:

  • 4-in-1 and tilt buckets
  • Laser-guided levelling attachments
  • Landscape and Harley rakes
  • Levelling bars
  • Pallet forks
  • Brooms
  • Road profilers
  • Street sweepers
  • Rippers
  • Power rake and slashers
  • Chain trenchers
4. What are the safety features of your bobcats, skid steers and posi track loaders?

Every machine in our fleet is kept to the highest quality standards, with regular servicing and maintenance to ensure optimum performance at every stage of your project. They also offer a range of modern safety features, including:

  • Air-conditioned enclosed cabs for protection from debris
  • Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS)
  • Falling Object Protection System (FOPS)
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Reverse alarm and cameras
  • Battery isolators
  • Lifting lugs, for crane lifting
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • GPS trackers
5. What permits and regulations do I need to consider?

You will need to refer to the Development Application (DA) provided by your local council, to see the approved operating hours for earthmoving equipment in your area. You may also need to talk to your local council about other permits required for your project. Our team is happy to provide expert advice about what approvals you need before starting your project, so you can avoid council fines or penalties.

6. How soon can I start my project?

Our Sydney location means we can often start projects with less than 24-hours notice, depending on the availability of our bobcats, skid steers and posi track loaders. Our team will deliver a fast quote and work with you to make sure the site is ready to be cleared, so you can get started on your project straight away. To get maximum efficiency from our bobcats and other earthmoving equipment, request one of our qualified and experienced operators who use Colombians Machine on a daily basis.

7. Do I need insurance for DIG IT staff or equipment?

We maintain premium levels of insurance for our equipment and staff, who are fully licenced and qualified to operate our bobcats, skid steers and posi track loaders. In the unlikely event that something happens to your home or property caused by our work, we will immediately repair the damage and rectify the problem. We have rigorous workplace health and safety practices in place and conduct comprehensive site inspections, to ensure the project is delivered safely and to the highest quality.

Things to consider before hiring a bobcat, skid steer or posi track loader

1. Weather and ground conditions

The condition of the ground you are working on will determine which machine is best and can influence the time it takes to complete the project. For example, in wet conditions a Posi Track loader is twice as productive compared to a wheeled skid steer or bobcat, being unstoppable in wet, boggy, sandy or slippery conditions. They also have greater traction and less compaction on soft surfaces. Our team is available 24/7 to answer questions you may have about how DIG IT equipment will perform on site, based on current weather or ground conditions.

2. Distance and speed required

When choosing between our bobcats, skid steers or posi track loaders, consider how far you will have to move earth and at what speed. Bobcats and skid steers are the quickest option for long distances, while posi track loaders can deliver high productivity in small areas. The terrain, accessibility of the job site and materials that need to be moved will also determine which machine is best for your project.

3. Cables and pipes beneath your property

It is important to understand what cables, pipes, gas mains and power lines run through your property before starting any excavation or earthmoving project. Even though you may only be using bobcats, skid steers or posi track loaders for surface-level work, the weight of our machines on an excavation site has the potential to damage underground utilities and cause serious injury. Visit www.1100.com.au or call 1100 during business hours to access the free ‘Dial Before You Dig’ service, which will tell you where underground utilities lie beneath your property.

4. Bobcat size and weight

When you contact us for a free quote, we will need to know how the bobcat, skid steer or posi track loader will gain access to the site. Some streets have council-regulated weight limits, while narrow driveways may influence which machine will fit on your property. We have a mini bobcat and small post track loader available for tight spaces or sites with weight concerns. In addition to the size and weight of the equipment, consider whether there is street parking available and the impact of traffic on your project.

5. Project timeframe

The length of time it takes to clear the ground using your bobcat, skid steer or posi track loader can impact your overall construction schedule, so it is important to understand how long your project is likely to take and leave room for unexpected delays. Our team will provide you with a good indication of your project timeframe, based on the equipment we provide, the materials that need to be moved and any waste disposal that needs to occur before construction can commence.

6. Reducing and recycling waste

Colombians Machine is committed to upholding environmentally sustainable practices and will remove any waste from construction sites where possible. We can clear debris such as soil, rock, earth or tree stumps from the site and make sure all recyclable materials such as timber, concrete and brick are delivered to the closest recycling facility. Our aim is to leave your construction site completely clean and tidy, resulting in a safer and more productive work environment for construction crew.

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